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     The fountain water air purifier catch the dust particles in the air to the water, greatly improve the purifying efficiency. the air is purified by washing, observe, the water becomes sewage when you open the cover to observe the inside.

     1. Primary filter Filters the big particles like hair in the air, the dander and the fibers on the clothes and others.

     2. Hepa filter has a super-fiber structure, filtering particles and bacteria that are invisible to the eyes, purifying particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns, including flue gas, dust, pollen, etc.,

     3.High-efficiency activated carbon filter, which can absorb and decompose cigarette smoke, ammonia, voc and other harmful gases.

    99.97% germs, dust, pollen, virus, allergens, odor, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, VOC and airborne particles even smaller than 0.1um in diameter are firstly captured by multilayer water screen like a waterfall, at the same time; waterfall produces millions of natural ions different from those from an ionizer. The water washed air then is sterilized by UV lights and enters an ionizer field providing extra cleaning and air freshening. What is more, the water washed air blown out is like a breeze with a fresh smell of water and refrigerant taste.


    UV lamp can increase efficiency of eliminating bacterium under light.

    Multi-layer water screen to wash out 99% dust, pollen, allergen, virus, bacteria, odor, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Benzene, VOC and other organic pollutants, and filter out airborne particle even smaller than 0.1um in diameter.

    Ionizer capable of generating anions in large quantities, which refreshes your surrounding air as if staying in the forest.  


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    It can be widely used in living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, kitchen, toilet, spa, office, hotel, lobby, KTV, party, etc or can be as business gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Valintine gifts for all your loves. You can add a drop of your favorite perfume or fragrance to enjoy the refreshment. 

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